Everyone deserves one good love.
i'm 18. I love to make new friends that have similar interests as me. I have a need to help people so if you ever have anything you can't talk about with anyone else, I'm all ears(: Pan-sexual. Depressed. Been truly heartbroken. Just follow me and you'll find out anything you wanna know.
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like I want a man who will snap someone’s neck for laying a hand on me and get worried if I’m in harms way but also who gives me a bath and tucks my hair behind my ear. who barely speaks and puts up a bad boy wall but tells me I’m his world. who waits at the bottom of the stairs for me but also growls in my ear as he pushes me against a wall.

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Did anyone notice how Katy perry never actually mentions a guy/man in her song The One That Got Away like for all we know she could be singing about a chicken nugget that she dropped

Why would she get a matching tattoo with a chicken nugget

I’d get a matching tattoo with a chicken nugget. Chicken nuggets is like my family.

is that john green

That’s John Green.

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I’ve been waiting for this gif set my entire life

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